terça-feira, março 27, 2012

Mano Solo - Allô Paris

Hoje fizeram-me lembrar isto. Obrigado.

domingo, março 18, 2012

You a hard case

Black: What's the worst thing that ever happen to you? [...] Before this mornin. What was the worst thing.
White: I don't know.
Black: Well, let's pretend you dont know then. Still, do you reckon it was about you? Or about somebody close to you?
White: Probably someone close to me.
Black: I think that's probably right. Don't that tell you somethin?
White: Yes. Dont get close to people.
Black: You a hard case, man.

(The Sunset Limited, Cormac McCarthy)

domingo, março 11, 2012

Forced labor camp

Black: What's the world you now.
White: You dont want to hear.
Black: Sure I do.
White: I dont think so.
Black: Go ahead.
White: All right. It's that the world is basically a forced labor camp from which the workers - perfectly innocent - are led forth by lottery, a few each day, to be executed. I dont think that this is just the way I see it. I think it's the way it is. Are there alternate views? Of course. Will any of them stand close scrutiny? No.
Black: Man.
Black: And they aint nothing to be done about it.
White: No. The efforts that people undertake to improve the world invariably make it worse. I used to think there were exceptions to this dictum. I dont think that now.

The black sits back, looking down at the table. He shakes his head slightly.

White: What else do you want to talk about?

(The Sunset Limited, Cormac McCarthy)